Portsmouthplatz nameplate in Duisburg

Portsmouth is twinned with Duisburg, which lies on the River Rhein at the point where it is joined by the River Ruhr. We attempt to foster this twinning - at a personal and non-official level, independent of the City Council.

Visits to Duisburg have been arranged in the past, and a group from the Duisburger Portsmouthfreunde visit us every year. Over the years, strong friendships have been formed.

Exchange Visits


The next exchange visit from Duisburg will take place from 10/08/2019 to 17/08/2019.



The Ruhr District


The Rhein-Ruhr region

Images of Duisburg


Lifesaver, Duisburg

Lifesaver, Königstrasse

Portsmouthplatz, in front of the main entrance to the main railway station

Portsmouthplatz, Duisburg

Portsmouth Damm, separating the Innenhafen

Portsmouth Damm, Duisburg

The German Language


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Dat is Duisburg


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